The LOUIS Toolkit


The LOUIS Toolkit is a web based platform designed for small communities with a focus on land use planning and asset management. The main components of the LOUIS Toolkit are:

  • LOUIS Assets - LOUIS Assets is an asset inventory and management tool suitable for managing the entire physical asset base of a First Nation or other small community. If used as intended, LOUIS Assets can increase staff efficiency, as well as help communities avoid unexpected maintenance costs through pro-active planning and scheduled maintenance.
  • LOUIS Heritage - LOUIS Heritage is a flexible, cultural research and archiving tool designed for community-led research. LOUIS Heritage is designed to preserve not only the content of interview information but as much context as possible by storing and using maps, text, audio, video and photos together. This integrated approach supports the long-term use, preservation, and protection of community information.
  • LOUIS Planner - LOUIS Planner is a community planning and consultation tool suitable for both reviewing development proposals from external organizations and for internal community planning. LOUIS Planner provides tools to manage the logistics of the process, such as scheduling, as well as managing the collection, review and analysis of data.
  • LOUIS Spatial - LOUIS Spatial is a user-friendly web GIS solution; it can meet a broad variety of data collection, analytical and cartographic needs. LOUIS Spatial provides user friendly tools for defining spatial layers, collecting data, managing the review of those data, conducting analysis and making decent looking maps.
  • Mobile Support - Off-line mobile data collection and editing is provided via the My Mobile Community app for iOS and Android devices.

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