ArcGIS Plugins


ArcGIS is the dominant commercial desktop GIS software in North America and much of the world. Because of this dominance many users rely on using this tool for their spatial planning processes. The tools offered here are designed to fit into the Toolbox design and allows them to be used interactively and in scripts.


ArcDayMet Toolbox

Climate and recent weather are important determinants in habitat suitability. For example insufficient precipitation in previous years can render grassland habitats unsuitable for some bird species. For this the DayMet  data, which can be queried by location is a valuable resource in examining a number of issues, such as habitat selection. The ArcDayMet Toolbox allows users of ArcGIS 10.2 and above to import this data for specific areas within ArcGIS easily.

ArcMarxan Toolbox

Marxan is one of the leading conservation tools in the world. Marxan is designed as a decision support tool which asks the question, "How can I meet these targets efficiently?". Marxan uses spatial data in a non-spatial environment to test many different solutions to find near-optimal solutions to the before stated question. The ArcMarxan Toolbox for ArcGIS 10.2 and above provides a series of tools to generate convert spatial data into a format that Marxan can understand and use. The ArcMarxan Toolbox also provides tools to assist in the calibration of your Marxan analysis.