The LOUIS Toolkit


The LOUIS Toolkit is the complete and affordable set of software tools for indigenous communities to use and manage their information. The main components of the LOUIS Toolkit are:

  • LOUIS Heritage - This is a central data hub for Traditional Knowledge information that supports photos, multimedia, text and spatial features linked together and organized as interviews and field trips to retain context.
  • LOUIS Community Atlas - This is an export tool that allows users to re-use the information in LOUIS Heritage for educational or communication purposes. Users select data from LOUIS Heritage and then in minutes can create a simple web map with text, photos and multimedia that can be hosted anywhere or used locally on school computers.
  • LOUIS Referrals - This is a spatially aware template based consultation and review tool that allows communities. This design allows communities to create process templates that match their needs and gives them the flexibility to make changes as needed.
  • LOUIS Layers - This is a GIS centric module roads, houses, infrastructure, wildlife monitoring and other data.
  • LOUIS Map Biographer - This is a free / open source plugin for QGIS to conduct in-person direct-to-digital interviews. Using Map Biographer users can record audio and map features simultaneously and then upload those to LOUIS Heritage for long-terms storage and analysis.
  • GeoODK Collect - This is a free / open source Android application that can be used with both LOUIS Heritage and LOUIS Layers. Users define the data collection forms in Heritage or Layers and then field staff can download and use those forms off-line for site visits and other field data recording.
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