Our Team

Apropos Information Systems is a family company owned and operated by Trevor Wiens. We use both core staff and highly skilled partner organisations to deliver quality products and services. 

We strive to provide the best services, advice and tools available to help our clients at a fair price. We work with our clients so they can gather and manage quality information and use the best available knowledge to make informed decisions.

Our software team is based in Edmonton (#52, 10203 178 Street North West, Edmonton, AB T5S 1M3) and our leadership and consulting team is based in Calgary.

Trevor Wiens - Principal

Trevor Wiens has advocated for data driven decision making across sectors and disciplines for over 25 years. As a promoter for the appropriate use of GIS, statistics and databases he has worked with private companies, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, universities, and Indigenous communities to help them transform their raw data into useful information.

Hiroko Wiens - Principal

Hiroko has a BA and has been working as an educator for over 10 years. She is detail oriented and skillful in identifying and addressing data and process inconsistencies.

Bram Wiebe - Development Team Lead

Bram has a BSc. and has 7+ years of development experience and is skilled with Python, Django, GeoDjango, Bootstrap, JQuery, Javascript, Leaflet, PostgreSQL, and many other tools. Bram is dedicated to developing reliable, efficient, clean, well documented, and maintainable code.

Cody Ingram - Web Developer

Cody graduated from the University of Alberta Computer Science program. Cody has strong listening and problem solving skills as demonstrated in the solutions he proposes to meet client needs. Cody is a competent developer with Python, Django, Bootstrap, JQuery and Javascript. 

Our Partners

Kisik Logo

An Aboriginal-owned business that strives to contribute to an environment of which future generations can be proud.

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Consulting services in the field of strategic sustainable development planning.

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